Lesson Pricing & Policies
$7.00 Per Class/Student/Week
All Ages
No Refunds
Christmas Gift Punch Cards Available
6 Lesson  Punch Card $42.00
Contact Ann: info@markandann.com
(for purchasing Beginner Swing Gift Certificates Only)
Social Dance
(Couple's Class)
  Coming Soon
Mark & Ann's Dance Class Policies
*We do not Teach to Dance Instructors*
NO Promotion of Outside Instructor's or Promoter's Lessons and Events.
We Reserve the Right to Refuse any Student
Standard Class Info:
Walk-In Classes
NO Partner- Pre-Registration- or Experience Needed.
Can I just watch a Class?
No. It's a Basic Class. Try it- you'll like it!
No Photography/Video Taping in our Lessons/Events.
 Please turn off and put away all cell phones before Lesson.
Shoes & Dress
Casual, Smooth Sole.
Inclement Weather:
Please Bring a 2nd Pair of Shoes to change in to. 
Group/Walk-In Lesson
In our Group/Walk-In Lesson- we teach to a wide variety of singles, couples and ages.
Practice privacy, kindness and respect.
Amenities Available
We offer DJ Services- Private Lessons- Groups- Couples.
Private Bookings
Contact Ann- on a Lesson Night after 7:40pm.
We recommend you take our Group Lesson First-
To see if we are- what you are looking for.

The Mark & Ann Greco Mission and Guarantee
We treat all of our Students with Patience, Kindness, Respect and Privacy.
You will have FUN- while Learning How To Dance!